How to request a signature via email

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Written by Richard Polderman

More than a week ago

You can let your users digitally sign documents via email following the steps below.

Request a signature via email

Before you start, make sure that the signature settings are set up correctly.

  1. Go to the asset details page of the asset for which you want to request a signature.

  2. Assign, transfer or unassign the asset. Based on the signature settings, a request signature task will be created.

  3. Click "Sign via email".

  4. Select the document, then click "Next".

  5. Add a personal note, then click "Request signature".

The user will receive an email from Highflare with a signature request link.

Once the document is signed, a PDF will be generated and added to the activity feed. The user will recieve a seperate email with the signed document.

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