How to configure the AFK screen

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Written by Richard Polderman

More than a week ago

The AFK screen allows you to display a temporary screen when you're unavailable or if you want to display other messages without changing your welcome or out-of-office screen.

Please note that the visitors app is still in beta and there may be issues with displaying content.

Configure the AFK screen

  1. Go to settings.

  2. Go to "Settings" under the visitors section in the sidebar to view the visitor app settings.

  3. Under the AFK tab, enable the AFK button in order to display the button on the tablet.

  4. Add images, titles, and other useful information that need to be displayed on the AFK screen.

  5. Personalise the experience by changing the background and text colors.

The AFK screen can be enabled and disabled by pressing the "AFK button" on the tablet in the bottom right corner.

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