How to install the visitors app

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Install and configure the Highflare visitors app to display content and digitally sign documents.

Please note that the visitors app is still in beta and there may be issues with displaying content and signing documents.

Add a device

If you haven't already done so, get started by downloading and configuring the Highflare visitors app.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click "Devices" in the sidebar to view the devices.

  3. Click "Add device" to add a new device. Follow the instructions to download and install the Highflare visitors app on your iOS or Android tablet.

  4. Open the Highflare visitors app as soon as it's installed, then tap "Get started".

  5. Fill in the pairing code displayed on the tablet.

  6. Your tablet is succesfully configured.

Configure the app

The visitors app consists of three different screens that can display content for your visitors.

Sign documents

You can use the visitors app to sign documents when an asset is assigned, transfered or unassigned. Learn more.

Need more help?

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