How to configure the out of office screen

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Written by Richard Polderman

More than a week ago

The out of office screen allows you to display a different welcome screen outside office hours. You can provide information such as office hours and alternative ways visitors can get in touch with your team.

Please note that the visitors app is still in beta and there may be issues with displaying content.

Configure the out of office screen

  1. Go to settings.

  2. Click "Settings" under the visitors section in the sidebar to view the visitor app settings.

  3. Under the out of office tab, enable office hours if you haven't done so yet.

  4. Fill in the office hours. You can leave the fields blank if you don't want to display an out of office screen that day.

  5. Choose the type of content that you want to display and add images, titles, and other useful information for your visitors.

  6. Personalize the experience by changing the background and text colors.

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